Arizona Student Exchange Program
Connecting Arizona families with the opportunity for international friendships and cultural exchange
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ATL (Active Travel and Language) based in both Province and Paris, France was created to foster student travel and student/family exchanges across countries and later, continents. High school age students have been traveling to the United States for over the past 25 years for the opportunity to experience the American way of life, strengthen their English skills, and share their own culture with their host families.
Manon Decarre (Argonay, France) and Justine Bougnetoucha (Albertville, France) share a view of the Grand Canyon with Katy and Mindy Lane and Frymet and Jackie Hare



ATL needs volunteer host families in Arizona who are interested in hosting a guest student for three weeks in July for the chance to build an international friendship and relationship and help shape a student's first experience in Arizona. 

The dates for Summer 2018 will be
July 7th to July 28th.

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