Arizona Student Exchange Program
Connecting Arizona families with the opportunity for international friendships and cultural exchange
Past Experiences

We had an amazing time with Jean-Baptiste and loved our experience with him. We still keep in touch. They have invited us to visit them in France and hope to someday take them up on the invitation.

We had a great time showing him our life here in Arizona. He shared with us what life in France is like and even cooked for us. He is an amazing young man and fit in so well with our family. It was fun introducing him to the food that we eat, the games that we play and even the music we listen to and the movies we watch. He was a very good sport and was eager to try everything. Some things he didn't like and he was very polite in letting us know. The things he loved we made sure we did often.

Susan Hudson,  Chandler, AZ

Jean-Baptiste Jacquard (Vaux-En-Velin, France) is welcomed at Sky Harbor by Magen, Bobby, Andrew, and Emily Hudson

About 2-3 years ago, my son, Dustin, welcomed Benjamin Chaumeny. We made such a GREAT decision, and I do not think we thanked you enough. Dustin and Ben became good friends, and Ben's family has become a second family to Dustin. Dustin graduated in 2010 and went to Paris, France for his graduation gift.  Ben's family opened their home and hearts with no reservation.  They gave him the grand tour.  We even had an issue with Dustin's return flight and the Chaumeny family took Dustin with them on their planned family vacation. We had moved to Tennessee last year and Dustin has been taking French classes.  He was also granted a full scholarship to study in Paris.  Dustin was able to meet up with the family again. I just wanted to let you know that this little adventure of opening our doors has truly been a delight.  Dustin had no idea where his kindness was going to lead him, but I do know that he is very grateful. God Bless you and your family and all those upcoming families to be.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart,

Sandra Bloom

October 2012

Fourteen exchange students and their host families pose for a group photo at Sky Harbor just prior to the group's departure at the end of July 2014.
Kira M. (right) with her guest student, Manon Sorel, enjoying the Grand Canyon. Summer 2009.

Manon adapted beautifully, as if she were already
a family member and not a foreign guest. She did
not even experience any jet-lag!! She had a
wonderful sense of humor, was easy-going, willing
to participate in all activities, and impeccably polite
and well-mannered. An absolutely delightful
addition to our family!

Kathy McAvoy, Phoenix, AZ

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